Avoid IRS Penalty by Filing Form 1099 NEC Online before the due date

Ongoing changes in the IRS tax reporting requirements are affecting the way companies do compliance reporting, and it’s going to keep changing. Are you ready to outpace changes in IRS tax compliance rules? Does your business have what it needs to be compliant with IRS tax rules? Maybe you’re thinking, it’s going to take a […]

5 Easy Steps to eFile 1099-NEC Form Online through Taxseer

Why are so many tax professionals and individual filers switching to the Taxseer platform in 2021 to e-file form 1099-NEC online?  Here’s what our users are telling us are the top ten reasons they choose Taxseer over other Form 1099-NEC e-File  service providers: Cost-Effectiveness: Our prices are the lowest in the industry thanks to our […]

Forms 1099 eFile Checklist for the Tax Year 2021

Even though most of the businesses would prefer a static landscape, as far as the tax compliance rules are concerned, because that predictability would make planning so much easier. IRS tax rules, however, are dynamic and complex. The reward for getting it right is significant. Ok, so it’s complex. How then can filers and tax […]