Informs You Must Know: Form 1099-MISC & Form 1099-NEC

Before 2020, most popular and non-profits that hired contracted workers or presented guest speakers issued 1099-MISC Forms Online. Now that the IRS has made updates to that form, what can freelancers, churches, and departments alike anticipate this year?

          1099 NEC FORM ONLINE

The IRS has introduced a new Form 1099-NEC Filing used just for reporting independent contractor income, what is officially known as “non-employee compensation.” If you appoint contractors or contract with non-profits, this blog is for you!

What is Form 1099-NEC?

As mentioned, the 1099-NEC Form is a relatively new form used specifically to report non-employee compensation. The IRS currently describes this as payments to individuals not on payroll on a contracted basis to complete any such project or assignment. This could include independent contractors, gig workers, or self-employed individuals who previously had any payments to them reported on box 7 of a 1099-MISC form.

1099-NEC vs. 1099-MISC

Although 1099-NEC Form Online is now used to report independent contractor income, the 1099-MISC Form Online is still around. It is used to report miscellaneous income such as rent or payments to counsellor.

Since both forms are in use, contractor payments in 2020 and beyond will be reported on the new form 1099-NEC. The due date for the 1099-NEC is January 31st of the year following the applicable tax year. As usual, if January 31st does not fall on a business, the due date will be extended to the next business day.

The 1099-MISC is due March 1st if filed by paper and March 31st if filed electronically. Just as with the 1099-NEC deadline, if these dates do not fall on a business day, they will be extended to the next business day.

Who requires a Form 1099-NEC?

If your not-for-profit paid a contractor more than $600 in a tax year, they are required to file Form 1099-NEC e-File. This is also true for guest speaking engagements as a minister, so if you did any guest speaking virtually or in-person in 2020, check in with the non-profits that hosted you!

Employees do not have a Form 1099-NEC filed for wages, tips, and other compensation paid during a tax year. Instead, a Form W-2 Online would be submitted to ensure it captures information on taxes paid by both the employee and employer. If you would like more information on the difference between employees vs. contractors, check out our blog on the topic!

Who requires 1099-MISC?

If an individual or LLC was paid at least $600 or more during a year in rent paid, legal settlements, or prize or award winnings by your non-profit, they are required to file a 1099-MISC.

Who files the Form 1099-NEC Online?

If your non-profit hired a contractor and paid them $600 or more in a year, they will need to file a Form 1099-NEC with the IRS and send a copy to the contractor.

How do you file Form 1099-NEC?

You currently cannot download a 1099-NEC Form Online. You will have to order forms from the IRS website or file online using the IRS FIRE system.

To use the IRS FIRE system, you will need to request a Transmitter Control Code as an employer. You can do this by submitting Form 4419 with the IRS by November 1st of the year before return(s) are due.

What if you want somebody else to make 1099-NECs for you?

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