eFile Form 1099-MISC & Form 1099-NEC Online For The Tax Year 2021

Before 2020, if your business hired contracted workers or freelancers then you issued 1099-MISC Forms Online. Last year IRS introduced a new Form 1099-NEC Filing used just for reporting independent contractor income, what is officially known as “non-employee compensation.” If you appoint contractors or contract with non-profits, this blog is for you! The 1099-NEC was […]

Forms 1099 eFile Checklist for the Tax Year 2021

Even though most of the businesses would prefer a static landscape, as far as the tax compliance rules are concerned, because that predictability would make planning so much easier. IRS tax rules, however, are dynamic and complex. The reward for getting it right is significant. Ok, so it’s complex. How then can filers and tax […]