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1099 MISC Form Online

Your small but growing business just had its best year to date – congratulations! As part of your growth strategy, you may have decided to hire independent contractors to be included in your business solution. Good idea – some of the best talent in our economy exists in the form of independent contractors. From graphic design, to landscaping, to administration, independent contractors can provide small businesses with a wealth of support. However, when tax season comes around, these independent contractors are seen differently than your regular employees in the eyes of the IRS.

1099 MISC Form Online
1099 MISC Form Online

Independent contractors don’t receive a W-2 for the work they complete. Instead, they use what is called the IRS 1099 MISC Form to calculate and file their taxes. If you’ve paid any independent contractors at least $600 in compensation over the course of the year, you must file a 1099 form with the IRS in order to report their income.
“But I’m the creative force behind our company’s growth!” you might say. “I need to spend my time (and money) focusing on our next big idea or how I’m going to tackle the challenges we’ll face in the coming year.” Fortunately,, a leading IRS-authorized online filing service provider, has you covered. Our low-cost, secure model for e-filing your 1099 MISC and other forms makes tax season easy and convenient for you. Here are just some of the many reasons why every small business owner should take advantage of the model this year:

1. Free Sign-Up and No Maintenance Charges – We understand that small businesses need to save money. You have a lot of big plans for your business this year! From hiring new workers to securing modern office space, needless administrative costs shouldn’t find their way into your budget. Fortunately, creating an account with is free, and we charge no maintenance fees for the services we provide.

2. Low Prices – Due to our low overhead and state-of-the-art product design, is proud to be able to pass along cost savings to you, the small business owner. Pay just $1.00 per form for any amount over five forms or just $0.50 per form for any amount over 500!

3. Clutter Free – E-filing your 1099 MISC Online Filing with allows you to eliminate excess paperwork and restore some sanity to your administrative functions. Plus, you’ll save your wallet from paying for postage and your tongue from licking hundreds of stamps!

4. Multi-Form Support – From 1099/W-2 to ACA(1095-B & 1095-C) and from 2290 to 8809, there are almost too many tax forms to count – and the number of forms is increasing every year. However, provides the best cloud-based solution to e-file the forms your small business must deliver this tax season.

5. And many more!

No one enjoys the stress of tax season, especially when you’re running your own small business. But whether you’re filing taxes on your own or are supported by a small accounting team, is here to help. As part of our commitment to making e-filing easy and convenient, we are always available. Contact us today to learn more about how our model is best suited to your small business needs.

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